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Название: I Want You
Исполнитель: Bon Jovi
Альбом: Keep The Faith
Год: 1992
Язык: Английский

    The last time I saw her Was the night she said good-bye She said that love's a stranger And it's sure to pass you by As she packed up her belongings She wouldn't look me in the eye But I could see a tear roll off her face As we both tried so hard Not to cry she said I never wanted the stars I never shot for the moon I like them right where they are All I wanted was you So baby just turn away Because I can't face the truth All I'm trying to say is All I wanted was you I tried so hard to remember Where when how why love went away I tried to drown myself in pity But your memory kept calling your name I bought you fancy cars and diamond rings Baby all the things that money brings And the servants to paint the skies blue And I worked so hard seven days a week And built a fortress for your heart to keep If I could I'd wrap these words up for you I may have built for you a dream house But never thought you were alone I filled the party up with company But never made our house a home All I got is my guitar these chords and the truth All I got is my guitar ... but all I want is you

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