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Название: Just Older
Исполнитель: Bon Jovi
Альбом: One Wild Night (Live 1985-2001)
Год: 2001
Язык: Английский

    Hey, man, it's been a while Do you remember me? When I hit the streets I was 17 A little wild, a little green I've been up and down and in between After all these years and miles and memories I'm still chasing dreams But I ain't looking over my shoulder I like the bed I'm sleeping in It's just like me, it's broken in It's not old . just older Like a favorite pair of torn blue jeans This skin I'm in it's alright with me It's not old . just older It's good to see your face You ain't no worse for wear Breathing that California air When we took on the world We were young and brave We got secrets that we'll take to the grave And we're standing here shoulder to shoulder I'm not old enough to sing the blues But I wore the holes in the soles of these shoes You can roll the dice 'til they call your bluff But you can't win until you're not afraid to lose, yeah Well, I look in the mirror I don't hate what I see There's a few more lines staring back at me Now the nights have grown a little bit colder Hey man, I gotta run You take care If you see coach T. tell him I've cut my hair I kept my faith I still believe I'm just...

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