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Название: Wild In The Streets
Исполнитель: Bon Jovi
Альбом: Slippery When Wet
Год: 1986
Язык: Английский

    Joey comes from a sacred part of town Where sometimes you talk so tough Your feet don't touch the ground And the sidewalk soldiers sing their midnite blues While the old men recite their story lines About when I was young like you They say: Oh yeah We were cruising to the backbeat Oh yeah, Making love in the backseats We were wild, wild in the streets Wild, wild in the streets A member of the boy's brigade Had a date with the girl next door You know it made her daddy crazy But it only made her want him more They weren't looking for trouble You know that boy didn't want a fight . not tonight So she headed out thru the bathroom window What her daddy didn't know was gonna be alright Wild, wild in the streets Wild, wild in the streets Sometimes this town ain't pretty But you know it ain't so bad Just like a girl who looks so happy When inside she's so sad In here we got this code of honor Nobody's going down You don't walk in vain Through the kid's parade 'Cause this is my hometown

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