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Название: Hollow Hideaway
Исполнитель: Brainstorm (Metal-Band)
Альбом: Metus Mortis
Год: 2001
Язык: Английский

    A bleeding heart, a seal of fate There is no crime, I'll re ú instate Love is a weakness, Lust conquers all Cross my soul and hope to die Where do you draw the line? Enter my mind, can you stop the rage No one shall mourn or pity your grave Believe the lie, the line that you toe, If you just do, do as you're told The meaning of lust The soul of life When you're screaming from the sky It's now or never Inside your brain It's a hollow hideaway Out of pride, I'll isolate.my fears Never turned my back on why you were here Mapped out in scars, look to the skies Your only salvation, so close your eyes

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