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Название: Rising
Исполнитель: Brainstorm (Metal-Band)
Альбом: Soul Temptation
Год: 2003
Язык: Английский

    [- to antagonize violence in the neighbourhood active -] Where no one hears your whisper and no one knows your name my eyes to hear, my tongue to see to feel again the same the cause of life don't trust another outstretched hand challenged dreams, fear of hope you try to understand when you're dreaming you're not sleeping, but never had a choice pay the price, the fear within, the absence of voice The sun is rising, estranged but i can crawl the sun is rising, with my back against the wall release my soul and mystify to fight my violent lies betray you to your enemies because of your immoral life i know you thought i'd turn away, have nothing left to say my blessings and the things you hide, it happens anyway do you regret and think about the point of no return words not to be ignored from history we should have learned

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