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Название: Unusual You
Исполнитель: Britney Spears
Альбом: Circus
Год: 2008
Язык: Английский

    Nothing about you is typical Nothing about you is predicable You got me all twisted & confused (it's all new) Up til now i thought i knew love Nothing to lose and It's damaged cause Patterns will fall as quick as I do, but now Bridges are burning Maybe i'm learning I new way of speaking up Now i can see nothing will be Just like it was. Is that because? Chorus Baby, you're so unusual. Didn't anyone tell you you're supposed to break my heart. I expect you to. So why haven't you? Baby, you'rve gotta be inhuman because only an angel could be so unusual. A sweet suprise i could get used to. Unusual You Verse Did so many things when i was someone else. Boxer in the ring, trying to defend myself. Hire a private eye to see what's going on. When i'm with you i can't be myself. You always were when you say you will be shocking cuz i never knew love like this could exist. Tables are turning. My heart is learning. That you'll never let me down Answer the call. Here after all. Never met anyone like you. Chorus Bridge Can't believe that i, i almost didn't try. When you call my name. Now everything is changed. Chorus

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