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Название: The Last Carnival
Исполнитель: Bruce Springsteen
Альбом: Working On A Dream
Год: 2009
Язык: Английский

    Sun down, sun down They're taking all the tents down Where have you gone my handsome Billy? Sun down, sun down The carnival trains leave town Where are you now darling Billy? We won't be dancing together on the high wire Facing the lions with you at my side anymore We won't be breathing the smoke and the fire On the midway Hanging from the trapeze My wrists waiting for your wrists Two daredevils high upon the wall of death He throws the knife, it lands inches from my head Sun down Moon rise, moon rise The light that was in your eyes is gone Daybreak, daybreak The singing you had made me ache is gone We'll be riding the train without you tonight The train that keeps on moving Its black smoke scorching the evening sky Millions of stars shining above us like every soul living and dead It's been gathered together by God Sing a hymn over your bones Sun down, sun down Empty are the fairgrounds Where are you now handsome Billy?

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