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Название: My Engine Is With You
Исполнитель: Bush
Альбом: Golden State
Год: 2001
Язык: Английский

    What makes it go round the way we're up and down We're minutiae staring at the whole sky Battle sense to keep you apprehensive I guess no one is the same We're all through different lenses The bladder will filter all the pain And the gut has sides you can't restrain You are everything to me You are cobalt elemental A new lagoon five years down the line And all i want is a lot of your time These days when the clouds come in Heat broke no smoke without a fire Heat broke no smoke [chorus] Infractions of the landscape In a world we learn to escape Bad weather comes But we have wood to burn That which only gives Will always bring you through My engine is with you Kilburn and california Make you wonder what it's all for Feed the lesson to the plate Twenty-one centuries And I'm just starting to move Wreckless times like poison to the mood Daylight comes all too soon Accusations bruises to the head Planet waves to test your lead You are everything to me You are cobalt elemental [chorus] Tie me in with electric line Bathe me in bacchanalian wine If i with you to gold worlds of true moans And eyes that see the same pool If not the same water If not the same water If not the same water You are everything to me You are cobalt elemental [chorus]

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