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Название: Little Things
Исполнитель: Bush
Альбом: Sixteen Stone
Год: 1994
Язык: Английский

    I bleach the sky Every night Loaded on wrong And further from right Spinning around Two howling moons Cos there always there Whatever I do The river is loaded I've been there today Took it some questions She does me again I'd die in your arms If you were dead too Here comes a lie We will allways be true Going up When coming down Scratch away It's the little things that kill Tearing at my brains again The little things that kill The little things that kill Bigger you give Bigger you get We're boss at denial But best at forget Cupboard is empty We really need food Summer is winter And you always knew Going up when coming down Scratch away I touch your mouth My willy is food Addicted to love I'm addicted to fools I kill you once I kill you again We're starving and crude Welcome my friends to The little things that kill

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