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Название: Glycerine
Исполнитель: Bush
Альбом: Sixteen Stone
Год: 1994
Язык: Английский

    Must be your skin that I'm sinking in Must be for real cos now I can feel And I didn't mind It's not my kind Not my time to wonder why Everything's gone white And everything's grey Now you're here now you're away I don't want this Remember that I'll never forget where you're at Don't let the days go by Glycerine I'm never alone I'm alone all the time Are you at one Or do you lie We live in a wheel Where everyone steals But when we rise it's like strwaberry fields I treated you bad You bruise my face Couldn't love you more You got a beautiful taste Don't let the days go by Could have been easier on you I couldn't change though I wanted to Could have been easier by three Our old friend fear and you and me Glycerine (repeat) Don't let the days go by Glycerine I needed you more When we wanted us less I could not kiss just regress It might just be Clear simple and plain That's just fine That's just one of my names Don't let the days go by Could've been easier on you Glycerine

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