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Название: I Believe In You
Исполнитель: Cat Power
Альбом: Jukebox
Год: 2008
Язык: Английский

    They ask me how I feel And if my love is real And how I seem To think that I know I'm gonna make it through They looked at me and frowned They drove me from this town They don't want me around Because I believe They showed me to the door They said don't come back no more We don't like the way You think you do So I walked on my own One thousand miles from my home But I don't feel alone 'Cause I believe, I do I believe in you even through all Tears and laughter I believe in you, even though We're apart I believe in you, even in The common laughter Oh, when the dawn is nearing And when the night is disappearing This feeling will still Be here in my heart In my heart Please don't let me drift too far Keep me safe and sound where you are So I'll always be renewed And what you've given me here today Is worth everything I've made No matter what everyone might say Because I believe I believe, I believe I believe, I believe in you I believe in you When we've had no time together I believe in you When white turns to black. I believe in you Even though we'll all be a number I'll be oh your earth will be shaken And friends will be forsaken Please, we can't go back I believe in you

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