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Название: Willie
Исполнитель: Cat Power
Альбом: The Greatest
Год: 2006
Язык: Английский

    Willie Deadwilder and Rebecca They knew that they loved one another Gonna have a real good time No more sad bad times It's all they've been waiting for Someone to knock at that door Willie was shot once in his mind And his cry out saved his own life The second time was through his heart The doctors pulled the bullet from inside He had a job to do he said That's his way of life Please don't bring him down Please don't let him go He's on the same side as you He's just a little behind I tell you there are some people living alone I tell you there are some people with nowhere to go There are some people who don't believe in love But Willie and Rebecca prove 'em all wrong A man named John wrote a song for me to sing And the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen He is a very good man And he has been an even very good man to me I hope one day his song I will sing Another love I still love Familiar face to me A standing arch above my heart I've never been to reach He's laid my head on the bed And told me sweetly I am not Crazy like all the others said No he's not crazy like me Please don't bring me down Please don't let me go My heart is a worried thing Memories have now planted seeds of a field I now Want to reap and sow I'm on the same side as you I'm just a little behind

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