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Название: Love By Another Name
Исполнитель: Celine Dion
Альбом: Unison
Год: 1990
Язык: Английский

    Somewhere past midnight When the moment is just right We ride the streets of desire We take it slow and Always get where we're goin' 'Cause where there's smoke there's a fire There's no denying We don't need to keep trying Let's face the music and dance Well it's all semantic What we never say But what we feel ain't goin' away... So I wonder . how could we be feeling More than this Tell me true What it is, 'cause Something has to make us feel this way Love by another name Doesn't matter 'cause it's still the same love Won't depend upon the words we say Love by another name Something happens when we're making love Si ce n'est pas l'amour Qu'est-ce que c'est? We're superstitious When every day is like Christmas No promise spoken Hearts don't have to get broken More than a four letter word If we're just pretending We can write a new ending If we don't like where it leads Well it's new romantic Action over words The sweetest nothings that I've heard I can't tell you everything I'm feeling More than this Do you know What it is, 'cause I know that I can't describe What I'm feeling inside Maybe I'll learn I guess I live with the fear This could all disappear If I try to put it in words

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