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Название: Gimme Whatcha Got
Исполнитель: Chris Brown
Альбом: Exclusive: The Forever Edition
Год: 2008
Язык: Английский

    (feat. Lil Wayne) Ladies and gentlemen (ladies and gentlemen) gentleman, gentleman, gentleman You are tune in to the very best....so beautiful....jazzy phizzle...Chris Brown, let's go [LiL Wayne] They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, well I bet I couldn't look more bolder, hold her, as we dip into my solar, Call me Ford, baby I explore her. It's navigator you're the one like Lincoln, black Bentley, you'll look better in a pink one, she's smoking and I about steam one, let's get....and make love on Venus, Baby the ball is in your court like Serena's, Make me jump over that net between us, and let nothing get between us, we're too hot only sweat between us [Chorus:] Girl you're hot like fire {Gimme Whatcha Got} Coldest thing movin' {Gimme Whatcha Got} Heat up like summer {Gimme Whatcha Got} Girl you know what you're doing {Gimme Whatcha Got} 28s on a Hummer {Gimme Whatcha Got} 'cause you're the #1 stunner {Gimme Whatcha Got} You got it {Gimme Whatcha Got} You got it Girl [Verse 1] That's it babygirl put it on my zipper, We ain't in the club but I still wanna tip her. You should be my Mrs., I can be your Mr., put me on deck shorty I can be your skipper [Pre-Chorus:] I'll give you a kiss for everytime you me smile I'll give a thousand if you stay a little while longer and I getting stronger, feinin in to get with you shorty do what it do [Chorus] [Verse 2] Exit it now I got place that we can go, back seat actions son room for duces, and the windows tinted, so nobody can look in, put it in gear and burn out with me [Pre-Chorus] [Chorus] [Bridge:] Girl You're the finest thing I've seen and I'm trying to get with you Girl Girl you're on fire and I know that you're burning hot (shorty you're burning up) I'm talking to you (shorty you're burning) I'm set you on fire and all I do is think about you yeah [Chorus x2]

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