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Название: Throwed
Исполнитель: Chris Brown
Альбом: Exclusive: The Forever Edition
Год: 2008
Язык: Английский

    [Talking] Yeaa...Yu know being from Virginia (ha ha) I gotta go back to my roots the whole Go-Go thang... DC what's up? (ha ha) Virginia you already know how we about to do it Let's go...Yessir Been sitting here for an hour talking But we ain't saying nothing I ain't even tripping mama that's cool No better way to waste time then to with you Ain't that a trip 'cause usually I do my thing and I dip (oh) But she got me wanna stick around for the second show Have her do her thing on the stage for me once more And in like....Oh [Chorus:] I can't wait for us to be alone (tell me) So tell me, tell me what you say ma You've been keeping it 100 up to this far So what you wanna do I'm tryna give it but I'm losing my cool (for you) 'cause shorty got me throwed Thrown off, little mama, she got thrown (ayy) Thrown off, little mama, she got thrown (ayy) Now I can't say all the things I wanna say (But your body is a problem for me) And I put shame on a man that walked away (But I'm glad he left you here for me yeah) That's real 'cause usually I can't express how I feel It's like I'm in my favorite scenes on a movie screen Diamond studded Tee, Crown holding my Spike Lee's and I'm like whoa... [Chorus] [x2] Girl you got that knock, I hear it down the block And if I get a chance, guaranteed I keep it hot I gotta get you locked, so baby pick you feet up Adjust my two seater, holla if you hear me now Ooo... [Chorus] [Talking] Yessir...two up, two down Holla at me...it's all about you We're out..let's go Gotta me feeling like...hey hey hey

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