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Название: You
Исполнитель: Chris Brown
Альбом: Exclusive: The Forever Edition
Год: 2008
Язык: Английский

    Ooooohooohwhoawhaa [Background Ad-libs] [Verse 1:] Now every girl I've been with (been with) after you Baby it just ain't the same (no-no, no-no, no-no) Recently I had a girl and her name was Nikki But she left me cause I called your name (no-no no-no) I been on that rebound tip I can't believe that you got me feeling like this And every other morning it's your face that I miss Man ya boy's sick Cause shawty was a 10 But I was on that bull when I was with you [Chorus:] You (you) you (you) you (you) you (you) you (you) you (you) you Girl when I was with you (you) you (you) you (you) you (you) you (you) you (you) you Girl with you (you) you (you) you (you) you (you) you (you) you (you) you Girl when I was with you (you) you (you) you (you) you (you) you (you) you (you) you [Verse 2:] And every other phone call it's one of (one of my dawgs) Man I just seen Keisha and Nikki and them up in the mall So what did she have on? Gucci jeans, BeBe tee air force ones hair all done Damn, man please don't tell me no more Man my heart is so sore I wanna reclaim her But she'll never get over what I put you through And there's nothing that I wouldn't do Man my momma loved you It's my fault I wasn't true But I was on that shh when I was with you [Chorus] [Bridge:] Girl I know it's way to late To even say "I'm sorry babe" I wanna pick up up the phone But inside my heart I know I'm wrong And I still wanna be ya man But I thought it through time and time again This road that I'm traveling on Will leave me lost and alone When I... (when I was with you) [Chorus]

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