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Название: Eastern Wind
Исполнитель: Chris De Burgh
Альбом: Eastern Wind
Год: 1980
Язык: Английский

    Well my furrows are filled with corn, I have my woman to keep me warm, But there's one thing that I do fear, That eastern wind is getting near, There's a shotgun beside my bed, This is my country, where I was born and bred, But I am sure, as the willow will grow, That eastern wind is going to blow, Blowing a hole in my life, eastern wind, Running away with my life, eastern wind; There's a woman who reads the stars, She sees warlords on the planet mars, And she said, boy, you'd better beware, That restless wind is getting near, Blowing a hole in your life, eastern wind, Running away with your life, eastern wind... They are coming, they are coming, They are coming, look out! In my dream, I saw a crowd, They were burning the palace down, I saw a mad old man, and I ran to the door, And then that wind began to roar, And when they come, they'll find me here, I will not run, they will not see my fear, And I will fight to the very end, Before that wind I will never bend, If they're blowing a hole in my life, eastern wind, Oh running away with my life, eastern wind, Taking the plough from my hands, eastern wind, Taking every bit of my land, eastern wind.

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