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Название: What You Mean To Me
Исполнитель: Chris De Burgh
Альбом: The Road To Freedom
Год: 2004
Язык: Английский

    Una mesa para dos, vino tinto de la casa, Esta noche vaya con amor! This is the place to be on a night like this, The moon is shining on the silver sea where lovers kiss, So many times it was you and me, oh it.s good to be here again, It brings back the memories of what you mean to me; This is the way to be on a night so fine, Everybody.s on the walking street, with Spanish wine, And then we call into that little place where we had Those long romantic nights, and drink to the memories, And what you mean to me; And it has been such a long old road to where we are today, And just like all the rest there is a price we must pay, But we.ve been through all the bad times, and we.ve seen off All the sad times, and here we are, stronger than yesterday; So let.s go back to our favourite place, For another long romantic night, And drink to these memories, and what you mean to me; Mas la Plana de Barcelona, Y Rioja, Vega Sicilia, Dos botellas - por favor! So here we are in that little place for another long romantic night, Let.s drink to memories, and what you mean to me; Here.s to the memories, and what you mean to me. Una mesa para dos, Y Rioja, Vega Sicilia, Dos botellas, vaya con amor!

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