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Название: Wanderin'
Исполнитель: Chris Isaak
Альбом: Speak Of The Devil
Год: 1998
Язык: Английский

    Big clouds pick on the little ones. Evenin shade drives out the sun. Sorry for the stuff I've done. To me you're still the only one. I'm wanderin'.... Lost and wanderin Cold winds blow in from the edge of town. Circus tents all got blown down. All the freaks are runnin round. And I lost every friend I've found. I'm wanderin'.... out here wanderin I have only one regret. I hurt everyone I've met. And as I drift from town to town. There's nothing left to hold me down. I'm wanderin'.. I am wanderin' Show time's over in a crowd heads home. Here I sit left on my own. What have I done that's so wrong, that I should always be alone. I'm wanderin'.. out here wanderin' If you give me another chance I still wouldn't make it. If you told me what to say I still couldn't fake it. If you said that you loved me it still wouldn't matter. Baby, baby, baby, I'm out here wanderin' Out here wanderin'.. Lost and wanderin' I am wanderin'

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