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Название: Love For All Seasons
Исполнитель: Christina Aguilera
Альбом: Christina Aguilera
Год: 1999
Язык: Английский

    Hey there boy did ya happen to know Wherever you go I'll follow Ooo babe you're like a cool breeze On a summer day When you're near me I don't know what to do I feel like a fool Like a schoolgirl True blue girl Who wants to know Can you come out and play You make me feel the way a women is supposed to feel Show you that my love's for real I'll be the rain in your summer The chill in your fall I'll be whatcha want Anything at all I've got a love for all seasons A love for all time I'll be the fire in your sinter The sun in your spring I'll do whatever you want Give ya everything I've got a love for all seasons A love for all time I'll be there for you Keepin' you warm Through the storm I'll guide you Stand by you until the stars fall from the sky When you call me I never hesitate Makin' you wait for my love Never lie love It's something I just can't deny I'll read your each and every feelin' When you need me to So now I gotta let you know This love's for you You don't have to search no more Baby you don't have to dream Cause what I've got inside for you It's all that you'll ever need You don't have to search no more My heart is yours For real for sure You don't have to wonder why I'll never leave I'll never lie

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