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Название: Ooh Baby
Исполнитель: Ciara
Альбом: Goodies
Год: 2004
Язык: Английский

    [Verse 1] Everytime I look up He be slidin' through in the F150 pickup On them things shinin' with the crazy bangin' system Laid back reclinin' with his arm up out the window like OOH Everytime he calls I pick up When he doesn't I be quick to double check my signal Hold it out the window and pull up my antenna Im so gone gotta hit em, Im infatuated wit em And ooh I never felt this before [chorus] Ooh Ooh Baby Ooh Ooh Baby Dont know what to do wit chu baby You just got me actin' so crazy And I think this could be love This could be love Ooh Ooh Baby Ooh Ooh Baby I just cant say no to you baby Whateva you want Im so gone I cant think And I think it might be love This could be love [verse 2] Say baby you're like Part of the puzzle I been missin' all of my life You're like a brother but my lover you my get right Im like an addict gotta have it When I go my body goes UH OH, OH NO See you give me such a good vibe When the drama sittin' ridin' on the B ride I'll still be wit ya even if ya pockets aint tight I may be young but I know love and you're the one And boy you really got me feelin' so right [chorus] [bridge] Ooh Ooh Baby Ooh Baby Baby Got me actin' up Im diggin' on you I dont know what to do Ooh Baby Ooh Baby Baby Got me actin' up Dont know what to do, you got me so in love Cause Im diggn' on you Im so in love [chorus] [2x]

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