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Название: That's Right
Исполнитель: Ciara
Альбом: The Evolution
Год: 2006
Язык: Английский
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    (feat. Lil Jon) [CiCi:] Everytime he call - I come ...but, this time I think about ME! (that's right!) And what I need (that's right!) Tonight I'm doin' ME! (that's right!) And I ma hav' fun! (that's right!) [Lil' Jon:] I bet you won't get crunk, ... [CiCi:] That's my jam, ... [Lil' Jon:] Get crunk, get crunk, .... [CiCi:] That's right, that's right, ... (ooooh) [Lil' Jon:] Let's go, Let's go now... now ladies... Let's go, let's go now... If you always... Let's go, let's go now... Looking out for everybody else... Let's go, let's go now...and not yourself... Let's go, let's go now...tonight... Let's go, let's go now... It's all about you...we gon' party baby... Let's go, let's go now C'mon, crank that thang c'mon [8x] [Verse 1 (CiCi):] I was driving, cruisin' on the highway... It was a Friday, midnight, when he called me... I was thinking "HELL NO!" I already know what he wants: SURPRISE - SURPRISE So I changed plans and made some arrangements I won't be chasing, someone that's replacing, and.. That's when I called my girls up.. We about to hit the club up... Tonight's the night (let's go..) [Hook:] You can miss me all you want But I'm not coming over Tonight I'm doing me I'll call you in the morning (that's right) Hanging with my girls Until the break of dawn You can't tell me no 'Cause I can do what I want [Chorus:] Tonight I'm having fun Tonight I'm going out Let's ride up in a party All night long I'm turning off my phone So we can get it on O-ooh, o-ooh, o-ooh [Verse 2:] He kept sending e-mails Asking for details "When are you leaving?" "When will you get here?" Kept calling my cell phone I send him straight to voice mail ...leave a message {spoken} I usually call back This time I won't fall back I know what the real be You just wanna see me 'Cause he wanna [Lil' Jon:] Tap, to tap, tap, tap, tap (that booty) But he's not gonna get (that booty) If he think that it's like that (uh) He can think that's nothing [Hook] [Chorus] [CiCi's Rap / Break:] I got my hands up on my back, back Take it to the flow, flow We gon' ride on out, that's right, take it down low, that's right What's up? I'm hot tonight What's up? We in the spot tonight What's up? That's right, that's right, that's right, Like this uh this, like that, that, that, JOHN drop the beat and bring it back, back, back!! Wassup? Wassup? That's right, that's right You like it? I like it! You love it? I love it! You want it? You want it? Wassup? Wassup? [Hook] [Chorus]

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