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Название: Are You Man Enough?
Исполнитель: Clawfinger
Альбом: A Whole Lot Of Nothing
Год: 2001
Язык: Английский

    Get a gun to protect yourself from someone else with a gun Being armed up to the teeth that means you don't have to run Better safe than being sorry,better alive than being dead Better him than me you say as you aim your gun at his head You live your life at gunpoint don't be scared be prepaired It's peace you say that you fight for but it's war you declare Take a life to save a life you call that living in peace? It takes more than a piece of metal for the peace to increase Are you man enough to hold a gun? Are you man enough to turn your back and run? Are you man enough to take a life? Are you man enough to make one? with your finger stuck on the trigger you're one hell of a man but you won't be much of a macho when the blood's on your hands if you live by the gun you'll die by the gun I promise you that and you ain't got a godamn thing if all you've got is a gat History repeats itself but still we don't pull the brakes What will it take for us to learn to learn from our own mistakes I'd rather die defending my own right to never bare arms Than live pretending a gun will keep me safe from bodily harm Chorus If sacrifice is the price for freedom then tell me what's the use killing someone to prove that killing is wrong still ain't no excuse how can you believe that death will make the suffering cease prepair to sacrifice your life once the bullets released Chorus

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