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Название: Revenge
Исполнитель: Clawfinger
Альбом: A Whole Lot Of Nothing
Год: 2001
Язык: Английский

    You know I never believed you were for real I don't appreciate you or understand how you feel everytime no matter what I might find you give me a feeling that It ain't mine I don't believe in wasting time and you give me a sign that you're out of your mind It's frustrating not knowing the score but when you walk across the room towards the door,I'm sure You ain't ever gonna walk my way Cos' I know that you've never liked me anyway,so don't stay I wouldn't notice cos' I't ain't no loss all you ever did was cheat on me and double cross I won't be satisfied until you're gone but I still want to know what is going on You know that I've tried but I'm losing my hope I can't cope cos' you're tripping and you're slipping like a soap on a rope I won't break I won't bend I'll avenge I'll get you in the end The sooner you go the better,goodbye I won't miss you and I think you know why, You were never really much of a giver You took alot away from me but I was always a forgiver and forgetter But now I know better so I'm leaving you hanging and you won't be forgiven till I know that you're not living,anymore I'm gonna get you like a fly on the wall I'm gonna pull off your wings and watch you crawl then I'm gonna crush your balls You better believe that I'm gonna make you small I gotta get whatever I want I want it all and I want it up front,here we go I'm willing to bet'cha that I'm going to get'cha and you're gonna regret that you ever even met me,I know Chorus All I can think about is getting revenge and that'll be the day all my misery ends but until I choose to make me move I wan't you to think that you've got nothing to lose but I promise you you'll pay your dues the one place I wouldn't want to be is in shoes What can I say I'm gonna make you pay I'm gonna make you wish you never got in my way get you back for all the wrong you did for everything you put me through when I was a kid I'm gonna neglect you and disrespect you and then I'll reject you when you least expect me to and no matter what you do you're screwed You'll get your rights rejected and they won't be re-newed I'm gonna throw the first stone this time hitting you hard when you're off gaurd and the revenge is mine (Chorus)

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