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Название: I Need You
Исполнитель: Clawfinger
Альбом: Deaf Dumb Blind
Год: 1993
Язык: Английский

    all my disillusions are filling up my head and all of my frustrations are lying in your bed all my explanations just don't make any sense leave me be babe can't you see the tensions too immense you just can't understand me so you drag me to the ground but I don't hear a single word you just can't bring me down so don't you dare to criticize the way I think and live all you get is what I've got and what I want to give I love you I hate you I kiss you I rape you I cheat and deceive you I leave you I love you I hate you I kiss you I rape you I cheat and deceive you but I need you you say you really need me and then you close the door you say you want to leave me and then you beg for more well I ain't sentimental so don't try to set a trap cos every time you hug me you stab me in the back if you want my body then just make love to my mind and don't you try to hurt me cos I ain't the hurting kind I told you that I loved you but you didn't care at all I needed you to touch me but instead you crushed my balls Chorus I know I said I need you but that was just a lie you asked me if I loved you but you never asked me why so now you've got your answer and I hope you're satisfied and don't you dare to tell me that you ever even tried there's nothing I can give you that you ain't already got cos even when you've got it all you say that I forgot to give you all my loving and to give you all my time there ain't enough for the both of us and right now I want mine Chorus

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