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Название: Catch Me
Исполнитель: Clawfinger
Альбом: Deaf Dumb Blind
Год: 1993
Язык: Английский

    I've been standing on the edge of the roof looking down I've been looking at the people that are gathering around I've been here for an hour or maybe even more just looking at the people that I've never seen before stupid little faces are all I can see those silly little suckers are all laughing at me no wills cheap thrills you're puppets to the master your only satisfaction is my lonely disaster you learned how to creep and you learned how to crawl but you never really learned anything at all when I was a boy everything was just fine I learned how to talk and how to walk in line I had to learn the rules that build our society but I could never understand it didn't mean shit to me everybody always told me I was out of my mind but I never did kiss anybody's behind I'm a lot older and I guess I should know but I'm standing on the roof just watching the show standing on the edge and my step belongs to me but I'm telling you all I won't miss what I see one foot over there's no time to turn around both feet are over and I'm heading for the ground I'm flying in the air and I can feel the cool breeze the people on the pavement have gone into a freeze no space no time it's like walking on the moon my heart is still beating but it won't be soon I can hear myself scream when I hit the street I can't feel a thing from my head to my feet I told you I would do it and I didn't even cry I feel more alive dead than when I was alive

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