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Название: Back To The Basics
Исполнитель: Clawfinger
Альбом: Use Your Brain
Год: 1995
Язык: Английский

    Back to the basics supernaturalistic Baby put away your make up and your lipstick High heels tight skirts the rest of all your plastic I'm telling you it's making you look even more spastic Hanging at the hot spots looking for attention Showing off your brand new silicone extension All the men'll be staring but they only want to slam it They couldn't give a fuck about your inside damn it Back to the basics living as you earn So forget about your money let it burn baby burn You can't have it all how hard to ever try No matter what you get there's always more you can buy So walk it like you talk it forget about your street smart The friends in your surrounding love you for your real heart Spending all your money, boy don't waste it Right about now we're going back to the basics I know where I want to go but in case you didn't know I'm going back to the basics Don't be ashamed about the way you might look Because you don't read a person like you read a comic book here's a whole lot more than meets the eye And if you hear something else then it's a goddamn lie The way you're going out is really getting to me Cos people only see what they want to see If life ain't more than money and a facelift Right about now we're going back to the basics Chorus

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