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Название: Feels Like The First Time
Исполнитель: Corinne Bailey Rae
Альбом: The Sea
Год: 2010
Язык: Английский

    I could pretend that I was ok I wind around the parties, drink in hand I could pretend when you went away That I had changed and I no longer hear the band But I won't lie I found a love I had to rediscover I was emotionally scarred we could not get it away There are times when it breaks and I feel amazed Feels just like the first time when you kiss me, my lover Angels in the sky will descend on our love And it's hard to deny what is happening Although we talk, talk, talk on the telephone We laugh, laugh, laugh at the things we know I've been a soldier for much too long I'd willingly surrender all my arms If you decided you won't be long I'd wait here patient for you Look for you every morning Had this love There were sparks We tried to push it on but I was afraid of the dark We could not get it away Never mind what they say I would feel the same If I could choose then my heart would be in it, My charms would be in it, My love would be in it I know you heard me on the telephone I know you knew that I was coming for you But you still won't give me the answer

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