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Название: Fill Me In
Исполнитель: Craig David
Альбом: Born to Do It
Год: 2000
Язык: Английский

    Say we do it again come on Craig david Ooh yeah Come on baby Chorus Fill me in Let me know what's up baby Can you fill me in? Let me know what's up (x2) Late last night you were chilling with your friends baby Driving all the God damn guys crazy yeah You said now would you like To take me for a ride honey I said that would be just fine for me, for me yeah You come around and you were willing to drive But it wasn't enough I guess you wanted me to come your way You wanna ride & then tell me you wanna stay No way ain't messing with the games you play Chorus So tonight we're gonna hit the club baby Get up get your groove on party tonight ooh yeah So don't you worry I'll be all over your body Like chocolate over a turkish delight lady Said you wanted to dance but then you wouldn't dance But you wanted to play so slow it down mr. dj I guess the reason why you always seem to get your way Is down to the games you play Chorus Girl when I'm rubbing you down And you're making those sounds Ooh girl you know I like it, like it You make me feel so aroused Hold it down in a crowd Though I like the way you put it on me Chorus

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