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Название: Hidden Agenda
Исполнитель: Craig David
Альбом: Slicker Than Your Average
Год: 2002
Язык: Английский

    C'mon baby (c'mon baby, c'mon baby) Do do do do do (do do do do do, do do do do do) Oohh yeah (oohh yeah, oohh yeah) C'mon (c'mon, c'mon) Now baby, he keeps on sayin' and he tells you you're the only one But everybody knows he's out there havin' fun Behind your back, and that's a fact And it ain't right Cause he's a fly guy acting like a gentlemen But back in the day I can still remember when He'd just turn around, wouldn't looked twice at you Hook: And I'm just being straight with you Cause he takes you for a fool So you should be on your guard When he thinks you don't have a clue And I keep the truth be known to you And don't fall alone When he gets everything he wants So girl open up your eyes and see With me Chorus: What you see is what you get (girl I know it) No hidden agenda (girl I'm on it) So girlfriend when he's playing around (yes I know that he's playing around) You do wanna remember What you see is what you get (girl I saw it) No hidden agenda (no hidden agenda girl) So girlfriend when he's playing around You do wanna remember Now lady When he tells you that he loves you and won't give you up Takes your car and it's your money that be fillin' it up Looks what he's got, seems he hit the jackpot And it ain't right Cause you can't let you keep him sweet and that's so typical He's only in it for himself and that's so cynical He'd be out of sight, girl if you lost it all Hook 2: So i, feel so bad inside When he's, cruisin' in your ride Cause I know, baby, late at night, There's some other girl by his side And i, wanna let you know That he, really ought to go And you, should believe in me Cause I care baby, can't you see With me Chorus

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