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Название: Two Steps Back
Исполнитель: Craig David
Альбом: Slicker Than Your Average
Год: 2002
Язык: Английский

    Ooh, ooh (craig david) Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah You know I'm the kinda guy that does 9 to 5 Working real hard is the way I live my life Back home just me and you girl all alone With no one interrupting Switch off the phone But I could be that other guy Who comes home late at night and tells you lies So why you trippin' out on me girl all the time When every day it's only you that's on my mind oh Chorus: Every time we take one step forward You take 2 steps back Everytime it's right you bring left back (oh, oh) Girl you really oughta think about it Cuz there's really no doubt about it You know I'm been there for you and that's the truth (x2) You know you're the kinda girl that doesn't need to front Keep it real, let me know just what you want Sometimes you just don't know when to stop Your working so much over nothing You're just losing what you've got Now can't you see there's no other girl I think you're the most beautiful woman in this world Yeah But you say I don't appreciate you And I don't know how to treat you We don't do the same thing we used to do no more Chorus Remember it wasn't that long ago You told me that you loved me so Don't forget all the nights we shared When you told me girl how much you cared Remember, you can be led astray But this is the way playas play I'm not that kinda man Why can't you understand Cause i Want you to trust in me Baby girl can't you see You only gonna mess things up You've done enough Why can't you stop You're gonna lose what's good for you And that's the last thing you wanna do Won't find another like me Chorus

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