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Название: All The Way
Исполнитель: Craig David
Альбом: The Story Goes
Год: 2005
Язык: Английский

    Oooo baby Baby Ooo oh ohh yeah Ooo you know about the after party Oooo ooh Oh yeah Alright If u know you gon' be hittin' the club tonight Then you gotta make sure that your looking right Gettin all dressed up (to the nines) With a fresh hair cut (and) If your peeps intend on staying round yours tonight You can jump into a cab theres no need to drive Keep the glass filled up Don't feel no pressure Coz tonight it's alright And if your feeling lucky Might find yourself somebody tonight yeah Gon' just set it off Think it off Come step into the party The vibe is gon' be Waiting inside So just get onto the dance floor yeah [CHORUS] Stand up Everybody Get up now Move your body Straight up we're having a party Coz tonight we're going all the way Whatever Hey that's cool with me Pretty cool girl Come chill with me We'll pull up to the after party Coz tonight we're going all the way Now the Dj's on the mic and the crowd is hype Everybody's out on the floor coz the vibe is right Ladies shaking it up (getting down) Fellas with their hands up (and) You can tell this jam is straight off the hook tonight And there aint nobody in looking to fight Tryna mess things up Coz we all came here to party tonight... You feel this parties started Now everybody's out on the floor yeah Just party on party on We all came here to party The drinks don't stop till 6 in The morning (get onto the after party) [CHORUS X2] And when the Dj stops at the break of dawn We'll grab our coats and make our way up to the door If it's the jamz you want Then back to mine for sure (mine for sure girl) And that's the after party yeah [CHORUS X2] [FADE OUT]

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