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Название: My Love Don't Stop
Исполнитель: Craig David
Альбом: The Story Goes
Год: 2005
Язык: Английский

    I've been knowin you You've been knowin me But i aint took the chance to Tell you what i want Girl its been too long And i can't go on Can't be actin like i dont care Cause i rolled with you I grew up with you My momma used to sit you When your moms werent home Always friends with you Never stepped to you But now its time that i Start makin love to you Time passes by For more than a lifetime I want to be yours girl I would give up my life To spend just one night with you Cause my love don't stop I can't lie you bring out the best in me I gots to be yours girl I would give up my life Theres nothin that i won't do Cause my love don't stop Theres a part of me that wants us to be Just the way we are So we don't mess things up But its killin me Cause the rest of me Wants to feel your body baby Wants to tear it up I'll do some things to you No one else can do Cause maybe im the one To make you feel real good Bein friends is cool But now its time that i Start makin love to you [CHORUS] Girl its been so long I know it can't be wrong Cause theres never been No one but you And girl there never will You won't go back no more Theres no one disguised Can't be yours despite Girl i've watched you Get hurt too many times But i can make you All i can do To show you how im gonna love you

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