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Название: Never Should Have Walked Away
Исполнитель: Craig David
Альбом: The Story Goes
Год: 2005
Язык: Английский

    I'd been sitting trying to figure out the reasons why You were always goin out alone I thought that you were meeting with some other guy All those times you weren't at home I was wrong but then i didn't understand What you were tryna say to me I thought that you were busy making other plans And none of those included me But then i always had to many insecurities Why didn't i just decide to let it be? [Chorus] I never should've walked away I should've been there for you babe I know i've handled this all wrong I swear, i didn't know Things ain't never gonna be the same And i know i'm the one to blame I've gone and left you torn, baby But i didn't know I remember it so clear when i got the call It was the hospital on the phone They told me how you slipped and had a nasty fall And would i come and take you home Now that was bad enough but they had more to say Felt like the words came out so slow "I'm afraid she lost the baby but she'll be ok" And i didn't even know But now i see i should've been there from the start Instead of letting it all fall apart [Chorus] I didn't know what was wrong Girl i didn't know, no I hope you know i never meant to hurt you girl But i was way too blind to see That you were only tryin to protect me girl I wish you'd had more faith in me Now i realise that i've let you down And you had reasons to act that way I thought that you were cheatin when you weren't around That's why i had to walk away But girl looking back Inspite of all that you've been through I'm asking is there still a chance for me and you [Chorus (repeat)]

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