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Название: Skulls And Stars
Исполнитель: Crazy Town
Альбом: Darkhorse
Год: 2002
Язык: Английский

    Chorus: I was a skull in the ground now I'm a star in the sky I went from crawling around to being able to fly Saw no future for me until I opened my eyes I was a skull in the ground now I'm a star in the sky I tried love, heaven, hope and takin' chances And all I got were broken dreams and failed romances Suffered to a life of skin covered in scratches Looking for the light but I could never find the passage Tension, stress, pain yeah you best believe it Nose bleeding from my false way to relieve it Enough confusion to make serenity sick All my fake friends became my enemies quick Everyday I found another way to make excuses Took the ropes I was supposed to climb and made nooses Being stupid always giving in to the myth That life wasn't even worth living like this A grown man trapped inside a young man's skin With resentment very very deep within On a mission to end up either dead or in jail No wonder everybody always said that I would fail Chorus x2 I found myself locked in a cell and I was just another number The thin ice was cracking and I was sinking under ... in with sorrow Worried 'bout today dread would happen by tomorrow Who knows the answers well nobody knows for certain The evil things I did when I chose to close the curtain Perhaps I should relapse quit relapse quit Force it back and relax with a sack of good shit Now I find myself in a candlelit depression Using sex like drugs just to handle my aggression Chorus x2 i had a little, had a lot, had it all and then I lost it Stars are in my eyes and skeletons are in my closet Now when I open my eyes and I rise from the dead Take control of my soul cause the lies are in my head The right way is the left way and the left way is wrong So I'm left with the right way and the right way is long So for once in my life I truly feel like I belong So I'll appreciate today and every day until I'm gone Chorus x2 I was a skull in the ground now I'm a star in the sky...

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