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Название: Revolving Door
Исполнитель: Crazy Town
Альбом: The Gift Of Game
Год: 1999
Язык: Английский

    Chorus: Now Ladies come, ladies go, Out my revolving door Some ladies never come back, Most come back for more. I.ve got a house in the hills With a door that spins. Goes in and out, Out and in, .Round and .round again. I live a life these player haters Would love to be living. Since a kid, I.ve been surrounded By beautiful women. And slippen. in them To win them The unforgiven. Still something.s missing, Cuz deep inside I.m suffering Of a lonely heart condition. Wishing I could find a girl That would take me away From the chaos of the city And the everday part that I play. Tell me why lay low, Why say no When I got girls serenading at My window. Ladies good to go We.s major league The new breed. No so-so. Highly advanced and got the game To get in any girl.s pants. And romance her stone Cuz I more than hold my own They call me Shifty Capone I make them moan Yes, I.m the one. Between the sheets, I amaze and stun. Ain.t no need for me to brag About the way that I.m hung. Let.s just say I got the skills To get the flyest girl sprung. Or to take and make An older lady feel young. (Chorus) I keep my girls in rotation, Door rotating. You looking for a good time, I.m always on vacation. You could stop by baby, If you want to try your luck. But don.t waste my time, Unless you.re down to fuck. Unless you.re coming back for more, Well then you know what.s up. You know the routine Girl, you.re not the one. You.re just a one night fling. Some ass to hold this casanova over. Till the right girl pass, I.ll drop this lifestyle fast. Cuz what I.m really looking for Is the one will last And make my present past. My adolescence surpassed. By the will to chill, I.m looking for something real. In a world of fake hos in high heels I.ll drop hot wax on your nipples, Causing trouble. And when you ride me, Yo, I.ll be throwing up that triple double My sex drive.s kicking. I.m sexually exploring. So many possibilities, It seems my life could never get boring. Cuz I.m not fucking around. I.ll rub you down the right way. I.ll rock your world nightly. So, can I hit it lightly? Yo, girl, I like it like that. Let me hit it from the back. I.m a natural aphrodisiac. Better known as a Mac. (Chorus)

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