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Название: Players (Only Love You When They're Playing)
Исполнитель: Crazy Town
Альбом: The Gift Of Game
Год: 1999
Язык: Английский

    No doubt I.m the one your mama Warned you about I.m known for taking ladies home And turning them out. Like kissing all the girlies and Making them cry. I.m a wise guy with wits The opposite of shy Make your girl.s pussy shiver When she looks in my eyes. So uh. One.s for the money, Two.s for the honeys Three.s for the pimp.s players And the playboy bunnies. You best believe I throw down. Ain.t no need to slow down You name the place and the time. Find Mr. Shifty at the showdown. Tearing you up. That.s why all the fly girls Just can.t get enough. Said I loved you, And you believed it was true. That.s hilarious. But your mother should have Warned you about Guys like us. Freak, freak y.all Yeah, you know what I.m saying. .Cause players only love you When we.re playing Chorus: Now players only love you when we.re playing. These women, They will come And they will go. And all you players know just What I.m saying It.s amazing just how many Girls we know. I know it ain.t right. But I don.t want to change. I.ve got so many dames, I can.t remember their names. But don.t be confused, .Cause girls are players too. So, we.re going to tell you About a girl we knew. She was a pretty rebel. A punk rock girl. With a wicked sex drive And the mind of a devil. Like Agent 99, Under cover all the time. You want another kiss You better rack another line. Unique in design, This freak was kind of fine. But she.s not the only one. There.s plenty of her kind. Ain.t nothing funny baby, Her game.s so tight, She can make the sun shine In the middle of the night. She knows what she wants And she gets it when she wants it. She knows that you want it She.s got it, so she flaunts it. So, get up on it. You know the old saying. Players only love you When they.re playing. (Chorus) Only the strong survive I come alive and hit my mark. The after dark player caper Can.t lie, I.m on the take. A heartbreaker tonight. The ladies call me Mr. Right. And others call me a freak. Girl, it.s okay if you bite. Some like it violent. Mr. Mysterious type Strong and silent King player I cast a hex Inebriated talk of sex. (Epic, I.m so into you) Manipulation I.m talking triple X rated Sophisticated, I.m game to elevate your mind. An understated flirt The chemistry.s hot. You can.t deny. So realize the size of it. I can see it in your eyes. I.d love to touch you baby. And taste the essence of you. You want to play? Now, let me hear you scream Out my name. Players only love you when they.re playing. (Chorus)

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