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Ќазвание: Dealer
»сполнитель: Deep Purple
јльбом: Come Taste the Band
√од: 1975
язык: јнглийский

    If you fool around With the dealer Remember soon You'll have to pay He'll creep behind you Like a hunter Just to steal your soul away I don't want no one Messing with my woman But just the same I don't see nobody Fooling with you If you're snowblind Madonna can hold you But if you don't understand There is nothing she can do for you Running from the dealer Trying to save your soul I can feel the fire Coming from inside you I know what it's like Cos I've been burned before Ain't no mercy In the hunger but You're a fool to yourself Cos your dealer keeps you begging for more Running from the dealer Trying to save your soul In the beginning all you wanted Was the calm before the storm If the bluebird plays the eagle He finds his song will turn to stone Dealer

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