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Исполнитель: Deep Purple
Год: 1985
Язык: Английский

    Nothing I can do about it Maybe I won't even try Your will is determined to kill any Reason of mine I see you coming With that look in your eye You act like a king but you ain't got a thing In your mind And now there's nobody home My belly is aching Your image is blown Your lights are burning bright But Nobody's Home You talk about love and affection If only you could You're full of pride but there's nothing inside And you think you're so good You know you got it coming to ya All things return You need me It's not gonna be my concern And now there's nobody home Your message is changing The children have grown Your lights are burning bright But nobody's home I hear you crying What can I say You get what you give so Forgive me as I turn away Nobody's home A legend is dying The seeds have been sown Your lights are burning bright But Nobody's Home

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