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Название: A GYPSY'S KISS
Исполнитель: Deep Purple
Год: 1985
Язык: Английский

    John San what you can La la Janette dance in sand What's the mystery my son Gypsy Dan Caravan Won Tun Wan with your Chinese fan It's part of history my son Murder and rape with your power The 10th revolution in far away days It's come to this A gypsy's kiss All your power's gonna fade in the haze Ya who' Jumme gae bile ya heed The Senorita said I'll drag yer lungs out through yer nose Space truckers free and high Teamsters get ya by and by That should keep you on your toes They got a gun at your head But you ain't necessarily playing their game They can't resist A Gypsy's Kiss All that's needed to drive them insane John Wayne The Alamo Crazy Horse Geronimo I'll smoke a piece with you Mind Body Heart and Soul We got Rock and Roll And there's nothing they can do Hear the small voice of truth Above the shouting despair of the crowd What do you wish A Gypsy's Kiss Gets you strong for crying out loud

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