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Название: Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
Исполнитель: Deep Purple
Альбом: Purpendicular
Год: 1996
Язык: Английский

    While you were out... The message says You left a number And I tried to call But they wrote it down In a perfect spanish scrawl In a perfect spanish scrawl Yet again I'm missing you King size bed (in a) hotel someplace I hear your name I see your face I see your face (the) back street dolls And the side door johnnies The wide eyed boys with their bags full of Money Back in the alley Going bang to the wall Tied to the tail Of a midnight crawl Heaven wouldn't be So high I know If the times gone by Hadn't been so low The best laid plans Come apart at the seams And shatter all my dreams Sometimes I feel like... Screaming Close my eyes It's times like this My head goes down And the only thing I know Is the name of this town Is the name of this town Yet again I'm missing you Won't be long O' coming home Until that distant time I'll be moving on I'll be moving on

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