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Ќазвание: Breathe
»сполнитель: Depeche Mode
јльбом: Exciter
√од: 2001
язык: јнглийский

    I heard a rumour They travel far You know what it's like The way people are They talk and they talk Though they don't understand They'll whisper and whisper And lie on demand Please tell me now I want to know I have to hear it from your lips Say it's not so I heard it on Monday And I laughed a while I heard it on Tuesday I managed to smile I heard it on Wednesday My patience was tried I heard it on Thursday And I hurt inside I want to know The depths of your mind Tell me this whole thing is madness And we're doing fine Put your little hand in mine And believe in love Put your head on my chest And breathe love Breathe love Breathe love Breathe love I heard it from Peter Who heard it from Paul Who heard it from someone I don't know at all I heard it from Mary Who heard it from Ruth Who swore on the bible She's telling the truth I heard it from Simon Who heard it from James Confirming with Sarah That I was to blame I heard it from Joseph Who heard it from John Who said with conviction That all hope was gone So I need to know Your alibis I need to hear that you love me Before you say goodbye Before you say goodbye Before you say goodbye Before you say goodbye

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