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Название: Stories Of Old
Исполнитель: Depeche Mode
Альбом: Some Great Reward
Год: 1984
Язык: Английский

    Take a look at unselected cases You'll find love has been wrecked By both sides compromising Amounting to a disastrous effect You hear stories of old Of princes bold With riches untold Happy souls Casting it all aside To take some bride To have the girl of their dreams At their side But not me I couldn't do that Not me I'm not like that I couldn't sacrifice Anything at all To love I really like you I'm attracted to you The way you move The things you do I'll probably burn in hell For saying this But I'm really in heaven Whenever we kiss But Oh no! You won't change me You can try For an eternity I wouldn't sacrifice Anything at all To love Now I've got things to do You have too And I've got to be me You've got to be you So take my hand And feel these lips And let's savour a kiss Like we'd savour a sip Of vintage wine One more time Let's surrender To this love divine But we won't sacrifice Anything at all To love

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