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Название: Waiting For The Night
Исполнитель: Depeche Mode
Альбом: Violator
Год: 1990
Язык: Английский

    I'm waiting for the night to fall I know that it will save us all When everything's dark Keeps us from the stark reality I'm waiting for the night to fall When everything is bearable And there in the still All that you feel Is tranquility There is a star in the sky Guiding my way with its light And in the glow of the moon Know my deliverance will come soon There is a sound in the calm Someone is coming to harm I press my hands to my ears It's easier here just to forget fear And when I squinted The world seemed rose-tinted And angels appeared to descend To my surprise With half-closed eyes Things looked even better Than when they were opened Been waiting for the night to fall Now everything is bearable And here in the still All that you hear Is tranquility

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