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Название: Apple Pie A La Mode
Исполнитель: Destiny's Child
Альбом: Survivor
Год: 2001
Язык: Английский

    Kelly: Beyonce B: What? K: Michelle M: What? K: Look B&M: Where? K: Hold up don't turn your head. Just slowly turn your head B:oh yes M:oh B: Girl... M: He's definitly fine K: That's right He walks in the club with love in his eyes As he steps females flock, flockin by his side Lookin scrumptous, even though he ain't tryin' Finest thing that you ever did see The sext creation had his hat tilted to the side Starin at me, nostrils open wide Can't even vocalize what I visualize, had my body paralyzed As he smiled at me I said: Hey boy would you enjoy sittin' next to me in your corduroys? I'm from Texas my girl is from Illinois Where you from, can I come visit you sometimes? My oh my you seem like husband material Are you married cause your very very exordinary, kinda scary I want your name in my vocabulary *Chorus* 2x Lullaby love Where have you been all of my life? Your chocolate covered, strawberry, apple pie a la mode Tell me your dreams and your aspirations What's your furture plans What's your motivations Boy I'm lovin how your so unpredictible, but I'm feelin you Guess I gotta get with you ...... you available, so sensual lullaby love heartbreakable, so special, baby makeable *Chorus* Kelly Over Chrous It's all in the way you look at me I'm sure I'll me enjoying your company you turning me on with your modesty with sucha a beatiful personality HEEEEE Beyonce So scrumptious love Apple a la pie mode

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