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Название: How Do You Feel?
Исполнитель: Die Toten Hosen
Альбом: Zurück Zum Glück
Год: 2004
Язык: Немецкий

    Everything comes back to you, it never fades away. The poison keeps running through your veins. A ripple goes around the world and comes back as a wave. You?ll be judged by every word you say. Most people have to struggle to keep their sanity, no one needs your negativity. Why do you always criticize and tell those selfish lies? Do you feel better for it - what's the deal? How do you feel? Two can play at your game if you wanna mess with me. I'll take you fucking on and you will see just how it feels when I decide to kick somebody down and leave them sprawling on the ground! How do you feel? How do you feel? If you think it's worth it, try to mess with me, come on I'll take you on and you will see! Everything comes back to you, everything comes round. Which of us is on the solid ground? The inciter, the fighter, the neutral or the weak, the one who always turns the other cheek. How do you feel?

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