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Название: My Wild Love
Исполнитель: Doors (The)
Альбом: Waiting For The Sun
Год: 1968
Язык: Английский

    My wild love went ridin' She rode all the day She wrote to the devil And asked him to pay The devil was wiser It's time to repent He asked her to give back The money she spent My wild love went ridin' She rode to the sea She gathered together Some shells for her head She rode and she rode on She rode for a while Then stopped for an evenin' And lay her head down She rode on to Christmas She rode to the farm She rode to Japan And we entered a town By this time the river Had changed one degree She asked for the people To let her go free My wild love is crazy She screams like a bird She moans like a cat When she wants to be heard My wild love went ridin' She rode for an hour She rode and she rested And then she rode on Ride, c'mon

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