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Название: Son Of Your Father
Исполнитель: Elton John
Альбом: Tumbleweed Connection
Год: 1970
Язык: Английский

    I'll catch the tramline in the morning With your leave Van Bushell said He had further heard the cock crow As he stumbled out the shed Then blind Joseph came towards him With a shotgun in his arms He said you'll pay me twenty dollars Before you leave my farm Van Bushell saw the hook Which replaced Joseph's hand He said now calm you down my brother Let's discuss this man to man It's no good you getting angry We must try to act our age You're pursuing your convictions Like some hermit in a cage You're the son of your father Try a little bit harder Do for me as he would do for you With blood and water bricks and mortar He built for you a home You're the son of your father So treat me as your own Well slowly Joseph well he lowered the rifle And he emptied out the shells Van Bushell he came towards him He shook his arm and wished him well He said now hey blind man that is fine But I sure can't waste my time So move aside and let me go my way I've got a train to ride Well Joseph turned around His grin was now a frown He said let me just refresh your mind Your manners boy seem hard to find Well there's two men lying dead as nails On an East Virginia farm For charity's an argument That only leads to harm So be careful when they're kind to you Don't you end up in the dirt Just remember what I'm saying to you And you likely won't get hurt

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