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Название: I'm Back
Исполнитель: Eminem
Альбом: The Marshall Mathers LP
Год: 2001
Язык: Английский

    Chorus: That's why they call me Slim Shady (I'm Back) I'm Back, (I'm Back) That's why they call me Slim Shady (I'm Back) I'm Back, (I'm Back) That's why they call me Slim Shady (I'm Back) I'm Back, (I'm Back) That's why they call me Slim Shady (I'm Back) I'm Back, (I'm Back) I murder a rhyme one word at a time You never, heard of a mind as perverted as mine You better, get rid of that nine, it aint gonna help What good's it gonna do against a man that strangles himself? I'm waitin for hell like hell shit I'm anxious as hell Manson, you're safe in that cell, be thankful it's jail I used to be my mommy's little angel at twelve At thirteen I was puttin shells in a gauge on a shelf I used to, get punched and bullied on my block Til I cut a kitten's head off and stuck it in this kid's mail box I used to give a, fuck, now I could give a fuckless What do I think of success? It sucks too much press I'm stressed Too much cess with agress too upset it's just too much mess I guess I must just blew up quick, yes Grew up quick, no, was raised right, whatever you say is wrong Whatever I say is right You think of my name now whenever you say hi Became a commodity because I'm W H I T E, Cuz MTV was so friendly to me, can't wait till Kim sees me Now is it worth it? Look at my life how is it perfect? Read my lips bitch, what, my mouth isn't workin? You see this finger, oh it's upside down Here let me turn this motherfucker up right now Chorus I take each individual degenerates head and reach into it Just to see if he's influenced by me if he listens to music And if he feeds into this shit he's an innocent victim And becomes a puppet on the string of my tennis shoe My name is Slim Shady, I been crazy way before radio didn't play me The sensational, "Back is the incredible!" With Ken Kaniff who just finds the men edible It's Ken Kaniff, on the internet Trying to, lure your kids, wit him into bed It's a, sick world we live in these days Slim for pete's sakes put down Christopher Reeve's legs! Sheez you guys are so sensitive Slim it's touchy subject try and just don't mention it Mind with no sense in it, tried to get so frenetic Whose eyes get so squinted, I'm blind from smokin 'em Wit my windows tinted, wit nine limos rented, doin lines of coke in 'em Wit a bunch of guys hoppin out all high and indo scented And that's where I get my name from, that's why they call me Chorus I take seven kids from Columbine Stand 'em all in line Add an AK . 47, a revolver, a nine A mack 11 and an all assault a problem of mine A natural old school a bully shot em all at one time Cuz I'm Shady, they call me as crazy As the world was over this whole Y2K thing And by the way, N'Sync, why do they sing? Am I the only one who realizes they stink? Should I dye my hair pink and care what y'all think? Lip sync and buy a bigger size of earrings? It's why I tend to block out when I hear things Cuz all these fans screamin is makin my ears ring So I just, throw up a middle finger and let it linger Longer than the rumor that I was stickin it to Christina Cuz if I ever stuck it to any singer in showbiz It'd be Jennifer Lopez and Puffy you know this! I'm sorry Puff, but I don't give a fuck if this chick was my own mother I still fuck her with no rubber and cum inside her and have a son and a new brother at the same time and just say that it aint mine, what's my name? Chorus Guess who's back (back) geh- geh- guess who's back Hi mom Guess who's back geh- geh- guess who's back D-12 Guess who's back geh- geh- geh- geh- guess who's back Dr Dre Guess who's back, back, back, back Slim Shady 2001 I'm blew out from this blunt (sighs) Fuck

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