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Название: Filipa Azevedo - Ha Dias Assim (Португалия)
Исполнитель: Eurovision 2010
Альбом: Final
Год: 2010
Язык: Английский
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    It's one of those days You find you're alone Your soul has no place For tears anymore Just look at the sky now There's no moon no stars Don't try to insist, babe! Is there anything left inside? There's only a song Waiting to be sung If you read my mind You'll only see Pain and some blood Please, don't answer me I don't wanna know Who took you from me? Who stole my soul? Who pretends to be your love now? It's one of those days There's no need to hide Don't fear any word, babe Do you laugh or cry? No need to hide senses No time to pretend Pretend there are no days Like those days we're missing now There's only a song (...) Now I know, I can see Maybe my love was blind Or blinding me Please, don't answer me (...)

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